This panel will discuss how emerging technologies can influence the storytelling process and production in the film industry.

The Hollywood Reporter Newspaper reported in February about the invention of Sora. OpenAI has unveiled a generative artificial intelligence tool capable of creating hyper-realistic videos, marking the San Francisco startup’s first major encroachment onto Hollywood. The system can seemingly produce videos of complex scenes with multiple characters, an array of shots, and mostly accurate details of subjects in relation to their backgrounds.


Juliet Mawusi - Filmmakers - CBFF Black Market Coordinator

Juliet Mawusi, originally hailing from Ghana in West Africa, is a distinguished figure in the media realm. As a Broadcast Journalist and Film Director, she specializes in crafting narratives illuminating Black communities' experiences and challenges. Renowned for her impactful work, such as "Being Black in the Nova Scotian Music Industry," Juliet has been featured on esteemed platforms like CBC Eastcoast, the Atlantic International Film Festival, Eastlink Community TV, and others. Her ultimate goal extends beyond mere storytelling; she envisions sparking meaningful social change within communities through the compelling narratives she brings to life.


Eric Edem Dzeha - AI Education Research Engineer/Specialist

Eric Edem Dzeha is a seasoned computer engineer with over five years of hands-on experience in applying machine learning and Python programming across various domains, including Artificial Intelligence, Computational Data Science, Analytics, and Cybersecurity.

As a Research Assistant at Cyber Range Research Group, Eric spearheaded the development of a machine learning system aimed at enhancing social media security. His contributions led to the creation of robust models with a 98% precision rate in detecting malicious activities on Twitter. He also published a paper on advancing social media security, showcasing his expertise in machine learning, cybersecurity, and software engineering.

Eric's professional journey also includes roles such as Software Developer at Moloks Technologies Inc, where he engineered mobile applications and web platforms for clients and Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Ottawa, where he instructed students in software design principles and supported AI research initiatives. Prior to his academic pursuits, Eric served as a DevOps Analyst at Rancard Solutions Ltd where he played a pivotal role in building innovative modules and APIs for mobile applications. Additionally, he served as the Organizing Secretary at the African Union demonstrating exceptional leadership and organizational skills in coordinating major events and securing sponsorships.

Eric holds a Master's degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Applied Artificial Intelligence from the University of Ottawa, where he also received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering with first-class honors. His academic achievements include being a valedictorian, receiving engineering merit scholarships, and presenting papers at prestigious conferences.

With a diverse skill set encompassing Python programming, Big Data analysis, full-stack development, database administration, and penetration testing, Eric is well-equipped to excel in roles focused on applied machine learning and AI education. He is eager to leverage his analytical abilities and technical expertise to contribute to the development of cutting-edge AI technologies and bridge the gap between academia and industry.

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