We’re incredibly proud to bring these three Canadian Premieres to audiences across the country at our inaugural edition this May 26 to 30!

No Fear No Favor

Shot over several years in wilderness areas in Zambia, Namibia, and Kenya, this feature-length documentary illuminates the wrenching choices faced by struggling Africans who live on the front lines of the poaching crisis.

These local women and men fight the illegal wildlife trade through cooperative law enforcement and stakeholder-led conservation. Their community conservancies protect wildlife and generate new livelihoods in ecotourism and green enterprise, especially for women and girls.

Directed by Mirra Bank | ???????? | Presented in English, Nyanja, and Losi (with English subtitles)

Ticket $8 | All Access Pass $49

Co-Presented by the Somali-Canadian Society of Calgary


We Have Reached The Moment

Follow Vic’s journey as he tries to explain to his climate-denying father the impacts of the climate crisis on their own disenfranchised communities. Adding to this deeply emotional challenge is Vic’s concurrent gender transition, shifting their relationship from father-daughter to father-son, for which there is no instructional manual.

Vic ultimately, like any son or daughter, desires unconditional acceptance, love, and support from his dad. This mid-length documentary asks, how do we connect with loved ones when their belief systems undermine our very identity and right to a healthy future?

Directed by Christi Cooper and Liz Smith | ???????? | Presented in English

Short Films Series 1 | Ticket $8 | All Access Pass $49

Co-Presented by Green Calgary


We Can’t Breathe

During a global pandemic, the killing of one man sparks the biggest social movement in history. Cities all over the world erupt in protest, fueled by centuries of racial tension. In Los Angeles, a queer black woman is determined to capture the movement through her lens, so she hits the streets, camera in hand. What she discovers is a diverse world of impassioned protesters from all walks of life, coming together to make themselves heard. ‘We Can’t Breathe’ is the perfect short documentary to mark the one-year anniversary of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Directed by Miranda Winters and Rocky Romano | ???????? | Presented in English

Short Films Series 2 | Ticket $8 | All Access Pass $49

Co-Presented by the Calgary Film Center

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